Past projects/performances

2019 w/Action Beat2019 Tombed Visions Presents: with OMA/ZimZum/Dwellings, Manchester, UK

2019 with OMA /Erasers/Stable, Otherworld, The Old Hardressers, Glasgow, Scotland

2019 Darsombra/Dirty Churches, Ceremony 224, Brooklyn, NY

2019 Darsombra/Eric Ruin’s Ominous Cloud, Mothership prev Eris Temple Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2016 Something I Can Feel, collaboration w/Andria Morales, curated by Derrick Adams,           VOLTA, New York, NY

2016 Solo at Night Diviner by Dirty Churches, Out to Sea, New York, NY

2015 World Maker Faire, with Globular Cluster, New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY

2015 Lazy River, Artscape, Baltimore, MD

2015 Darsombra/E.Serson Brannen, The Refuge, Baltimore, MD

2015 Live score for “Altered States” with Long Distance Poison, Nitehawk Cinema,

        Brooklyn,  NY

2015 Solo at Islington Mill, Manchester, UK

2014 Live score to “Winged Migration” with Long Distance Poison, Nitehawk Cinema,

        Brooklyn, NY

2014 Figment Festival, with Globular Cluster, Governors Island, NY

2013 Fat Out NYC, with Khom Visuals, Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY

2013 Modular Equinox, Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY

7/9/13 Crauford Arms w/Incomprehensible Dumb Show/Don Xero/Suttey and the End of the Worlds/The Crease/Action Beat
Milton Keynes, UK

6/28/13 Fitness Center for Art and Tactics with PHYLR (Cop Shoot Cop) // NAKA NAKA // LAL8 (Excepter) // BIANCA MUERTE & REBECCA GAFFNEY & ED WILCOX// TAKESHI IKEDA
Bushwick, Brooklyn

4/17/13 Champagne Room @ Silent Barn Sandy Gordon+Ala Muerte duo/Gurl Crush/Sophie Lam/Rebecca Gaffney/Alexandra Momin
Bushwick, Brooklyn

1/3/13 Cake Shop /Combine Harvester, Globular Cluster
L.E.S., NY

12/1/12 Fitness Gallery /Lyla
Bushwick, Brooklyn

8/25/12 Public Assembly Ala Muerte vs. OPPONENTS @ Yo Esskerik Asko Fest
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

8/12 Bayhorse /Tombed Visions, Don 0)))

Manchester, UK

8/7/11 Fat Out Fest, Islington Mill

Manchester, UK

7/13/11 Fortissimo 10th Anniversary /Toulouse Wolf/Bad Body/House of John Player/Hired Muscle/Action Beat

London, UK

7/16/11 /Toddlers/Hired Muscle/Action Beat

Reading, UK

12/11/10 Division of Human Works /Heliotaxis/Aracnode/Henry Hynes/Long Distance Poison

Brooklyn, NY

11/5/10 Nyack Village Theartre /Noon/Ken Timber/Lussiria

Nyack, NY

10/09/10 Andria Bibiloni-Morales Open Studio Event
Philadelphia, PA

09/04/10 Division of Human Works /Goblin War Trio/01/Millions/Henry Hynes/Heliotaxis
Bushwick, NY

08/28/10 Black Cherry Puppet Theater w/Darsombra
Baltimore, MD

08/27/10 Dionysis /Darsombra
Baltimore, MD

07/24/10 Party Expo / The Dead Minors/Aracnode/Long Distance Poison
Brooklyn, NY

07/17/10 Cryptic Carousel Fest /Aracnode/the Alienist/Lambs/ Rust Worship/James Christie ThowIII/Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu/Flourescent Vibes/Mathew Meade/Lea B./Kyle Clyde/Opponents/Terrier/Nonhorese/Girly Temple/Id M Theft Able
Division of Human Works
Brooklyn, NY

05/15/10 Public Guilt Fest / Micro Kingdom/Terminal Lovers
The Golden West
Baltimore, MD

05/14/10 Public Guilt Fest / Aun/Micro Kingdom/Terminal Lovers/the Psychic Paramount/Destructo Swarmbots
Party Expo
Brooklyn, NY

04/4/10- The Playhouse Bar / The Bleeding Heart Narrative
Norwich, UK

04/3/10- The Cube Cinema /Squeeze Me Macaroni/Alexander Thomas/ The Bleeding Heart Narrative
Bristol, UK

04/02/10- Jamboree /Joshua Millrod/Slushy Guts/Quinta/The Bleeding Heart Narrative
London, UK

04/01/10- Fuel / the Death of Her Money/Polka Tulkk/Ex-Civilians/the Bleeding Heart Narrative
Manchester, UK

03/31/10- Klin Farm w/ Dean Spencer/ the Bleeding Heart Narrative
Milton Keynes, UK

02/28/2010 – @13 Thames w/Grasslung, Roe Enny, OPPONENTS+Family Treasures, Rust Worship

Brooklyn, NY

01/23/2010 – Darsombra vs. Ala Muerte: live score to “the Cabinet of Dr. Calligari” @ the Creative Alliance

Baltimore, MD

01/07/2010 08:00 PM – goodbye blue monday- collab with Joshua Slusher

Brooklyn, NY

12/30/2009 08:00 PM – Pendu presents Eve of New Year’s Eve Fest@13 Thames

Brooklyn, NY

09/28/2009 Drone and Sew @ 3rd Ward w/Chaos Majik+Jesse Gelaznik Brooklyn, NY
09/27/2009 Gloucester New arts Festival w/Underwater Airports
Gloucester, MA

09/12/2009 goodbye blue monday w/Pascal Niggenkemper, the Rejects, Manual Zombie
Brooklyn, NY

07/10/2009 New York Eye and Ear Fest- Drone room@ the Knitting Factory

06/27/2009 Titan House w/Elder, Highlites

Philadelphia, PA

06/20/2009 goodbye blue monday w/max vernon/glad hearts/I need sleep….

Brooklyn, NY….

06/14/2009 Archetime Conference@The Tank w/Stephen Hastings-King & Sarah Slifer….

NY, NY….

06/05/2009 Lit Lounge w/Lambs, Darsombra….


5/24/2009 the Charleston w/My Empthy Phantom, the White Noise Supremacist….


11/22/2008 The Jinx w/Darsombra….

Savannah, Georgia

11/21/2008 – R3V3RB w/Darsombra, Magicicada, Fire Island Alaska….

Greenville, South Carolina

11/20/2008 Caledonia Lounge w/Darsombra, Music Hates You ….

Athens, Georgia

11/19/2008 Murphy’s w/Darsombra, Dead-i-on ….

Memphis, TN

11/18/2008 Easy Street w/Darsombra  ….

Little Rock, Arkansas

11/17/2008 Springwater w/darsombra ….

Nashville, Tennessee

11/16/2008 Pilot Light w/Darsombra  ….

Knoxville, Tennessee

11/15/2008 Nightlight w/Darsombra, Pacific Before Tiger, My Empty Phantom….

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

11/14/2008 Milestone w/Darsombra, Projexorcism….

Charlotte, North Carolina

11/10/2008 Cross Kings w/Bleeding Heart Narrative, Rivulets ….

London, UK

11/05/2008 Kiln Farm w/Action Beat, Neptune, American Gods ….

Milton Keynes, UK

11/02/2008 L’Mono w/Action Beat  ….

Bilbao, Pais Basco, ES

11/01/2008 Gaztetxe w/Action Beat, Ovo ….

Getaria, Pais Basco, ES

10/31/2008 The Red Shoe w/Action Beat, Rastrejo….

Valencia, ES

10/24/2008 Triku Festie 8 w/Action Beat, Experience, Dalek….

Azpeitia, Pais Basco, ES

10/04/2008 Talking Head w/Darsombra, Talk Normal, The Skull Defekts ….

Baltimore, MD

01/06/2008 Pianos w/Pacific Before Tiger and Darsombra ….

New York, New York

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