Past projects/performances

2016 Something I Can Feel, collaboration w/Andria Morales, curated by Derrick Adams,           VOLTA, New York, NY

2016 Solo at Night Diviner by Dirty Churches, Out to Sea, New York, NY

2015 World Maker Faire, w/Globular Cluster, New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY

2015 Lazy River, Artscape, Baltimore, MD

2015 Darsombra/E.Serson Brannen, The Refuge, Baltimore, MD

2015 Live score for “Altered States” w/Long Distance Poison, Nitehawk Cinema,

        Brooklyn,  NY

2015 Solo at Islington Mill, Manchester, UK

2014 Live score to “Winged Migration” w/Long Distance Poison, Nitehawk Cinema,

        Brooklyn, NY

2014 Figment Festival, w/Globular Cluster, Governors Island, NY

2013 Fat Out NYC, w/Khom Visuals, Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY

2013 Modular Equinox, Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY

7/9/13 Crauford Arms w/Incomprehensible Dumb Show/Don Xero/Suttey and the End of the Worlds/The Crease/Action Beat
Milton Keynes, UK

6/28/13 Fitness Center for Art and Tactics with PHYLR (Cop Shoot Cop) // NAKA NAKA // LAL8 (Excepter) // BIANCA MUERTE & REBECCA GAFFNEY & ED WILCOX// TAKESHI IKEDA
Bushwick, Brooklyn

4/17/13 Champagne Room @ Silent Barn Sandy Gordon+Ala Muerte duo/Gurl Crush/Sophie Lam/Rebecca Gaffney/Alexandra Momin
Bushwick, Brooklyn

1/3/13 Cake Shop w/Combine Harvester, Globular Cluster
L.E.S., NY

12/1/12 Fitness Gallery w/Lyla
Bushwick, Brooklyn

8/25/12 Public Assembly Ala Muerte vs. OPPONENTS @ Yo Esskerik Asko Fest
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

8/12 Bayhorse w/Tombed Visions, Don 0)))

Manchester, UK

8/7/11 Fat Out Fest, Islington Mill

Manchester, UK

7/13/11 Fortissimo 10th Anniversary w/Toulouse Wolf/Bad Body/House of John Player/Hired Muscle/Action Beat

London, UK

7/16/11 w/Toddlers/Hired Muscle/Action Beat

Reading, UK

12/11/10 Division of Human Works w/Heliotaxis/Aracnode/Henry Hynes/Long Distance Poison

Brooklyn, NY

11/5/10 Nyack Village Theartre w/Noon/Ken Timber/Lussiria

Nyack, NY

10/09/10 Andria Bibiloni-Morales Open Studio Event
Philadelphia, PA

09/04/10 Division of Human Works w/Goblin War Trio/01/Millions/Henry Hynes/Heliotaxis
Bushwick, NY

08/28/10 Black Cherry Puppet Theater w/Darsombra
Baltimore, MD

08/27/10 Dionysis w/Darsombra
Baltimore, MD

07/24/10 Party Expo w/ The Dead Minors/Aracnode/Long Distance Poison
Brooklyn, NY

07/17/10 Cryptic Carousel Fest w/Aracnode/the Alienist/Lambs/ Rust Worship/James Christie ThowIII/Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu/Flourescent Vibes/Mathew Meade/Lea B./Kyle Clyde/Opponents/Terrier/Nonhorese/Girly Temple/Id M Theft Able
Division of Human Works
Brooklyn, NY

05/15/10 Public Guilt Fest w/ Micro Kingdom/Terminal Lovers
The Golden West
Baltimore, MD

05/14/10 Public Guilt Fest w/ Aun/Micro Kingdom/Terminal Lovers/the Psychic Paramount/Destructo Swarmbots
Party Expo
Brooklyn, NY

04/4/10- The Playhouse Bar w/ The Bleeding Heart Narrative
Norwich, UK

04/3/10- The Cube Cinema w/Squeeze Me Macaroni/Alexander Thomas/ The Bleeding Heart Narrative
Bristol, UK

04/02/10- Jamboree w/Joshua Millrod/Slushy Guts/Quinta/The Bleeding Heart Narrative
London, UK

04/01/10- Fuel w/ the Death of Her Money/Polka Tulkk/Ex-Civilians/the Bleeding Heart Narrative
Manchester, UK

03/31/10- Klin Farm w/ Dean Spencer/ the Bleeding Heart Narrative
Milton Keynes, UK

02/28/2010 – @13 Thames w/Grasslung, Roe Enny, OPPONENTS+Family Treasures, Rust Worship

Brooklyn, NY

01/23/2010 – Darsombra vs. Ala Muerte: live score to “the Cabinet of Dr. Calligari” @ the Creative Alliance

Baltimore, MD

01/07/2010 08:00 PM – goodbye blue monday- collab with Joshua Slusher

Brooklyn, NY

12/30/2009 08:00 PM – Pendu presents Eve of New Year’s Eve Fest@13 Thames

Brooklyn, NY

09/28/2009 Drone and Sew @ 3rd Ward w/Chaos Majik+Jesse Gelaznik Brooklyn, NY
09/27/2009 Gloucester New arts Festival w/Underwater Airports
Gloucester, MA

09/12/2009 goodbye blue monday w/Pascal Niggenkemper, the Rejects, Manual Zombie
Brooklyn, NY

07/10/2009 New York Eye and Ear Fest- Drone room@ the Knitting Factory

06/27/2009 Titan House w/Elder, Highlites

Philadelphia, PA

06/20/2009 goodbye blue monday w/max vernon/glad hearts/I need sleep….

Brooklyn, NY….

06/14/2009 Archetime Conference@The Tank w/Stephen Hastings-King & Sarah Slifer….

NY, NY….

06/05/2009 Lit Lounge w/Lambs, Darsombra….


5/24/2009 the Charleston w/My Empthy Phantom, the White Noise Supremacist….


11/22/2008 The Jinx w/Darsombra….

Savannah, Georgia

11/21/2008 – R3V3RB w/Darsombra, Magicicada, Fire Island Alaska….

Greenville, South Carolina

11/20/2008 Caledonia Lounge w/Darsombra, Music Hates You ….

Athens, Georgia

11/19/2008 Murphy’s w/Darsombra, Dead-i-on ….

Memphis, TN

11/18/2008 Easy Street w/Darsombra  ….

Little Rock, Arkansas

11/17/2008 Springwater w/darsombra ….

Nashville, Tennessee

11/16/2008 Pilot Light w/Darsombra  ….

Knoxville, Tennessee

11/15/2008 Nightlight w/Darsombra, Pacific Before Tiger, My Empty Phantom….

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

11/14/2008 Milestone w/Darsombra, Projexorcism….

Charlotte, North Carolina

11/10/2008 Cross Kings w/Bleeding Heart Narrative, Rivulets ….

London, UK

11/05/2008 Kiln Farm w/Action Beat, Neptune, American Gods ….

Milton Keynes, UK

11/02/2008 L’Mono w/Action Beat  ….

Bilbao, Pais Basco, ES

11/01/2008 Gaztetxe w/Action Beat, Ovo ….

Getaria, Pais Basco, ES

10/31/2008 The Red Shoe w/Action Beat, Rastrejo….

Valencia, ES

10/24/2008 Triku Festie 8 w/Action Beat, Experience, Dalek….

Azpeitia, Pais Basco, ES

10/04/2008 Talking Head w/Darsombra, Talk Normal, The Skull Defekts ….

Baltimore, MD

01/06/2008 Pianos w/Pacific Before Tiger and Darsombra ….

New York, New York

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